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ExtraOrdinary Themes and Discussion Topics

ExtraOrdinary stimulates exploration of the following themes: Spirituality; Aging; Caregiving; Stroke; End of Life; Death and Dying; Grief; Nursing Homes; Hospice; Social Work; Judaism; Interfaith Harmony; Volunteerism; and Intergenerational Friendships.

ExtraOrdinary invites readers to open to these possibilities:

In crisis, loss, and pain one can grow, learn, and heal.

Loving kindness, compassion, and patience serve as light-filled paths during times of darkness.

Spiritual opening often unfolds near life's completion.

Meaning, joy, purpose, and connection may expand at the end of life.

Death can be met without fear and with peace, acceptance, and hope.

One can be ordinary and extraordinary, both.

We are One: recognition of the shared humanity between generations, faiths, and cultures.

Intergenerational friendships create magic.

We can teach and heal others at the end of our days.

Harmony and appreciation enliven step-families.

Gratitude is the golden key to happiness and well-being.

The true meaning of wealth is beyond measure.