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"Michele Tamaren sees hope with x-ray vision, spreads love, and makes it real. With grace, courage, and wit Michele expands the field of possibilities. She is a compass who leads us all to our inner light. Michele has my vote for Woman of the Year!" 

–Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Bestselling author, pioneer in integrative medicine, psychologist and internationally renowned speaker on spirituality and the mind-body-spirit connection.

"Entering into a working relationship with Michele Tamaren is to dance with a master. In effortless manner she encourages discovery in one's unique presence. Carefully Michele guides you to unfold your singular process towards access, exploration, and answering the calling of your heart."    

–Jeff Ferrannini, Host and Producer, www.planetary-spririt.com


Michele gently supports you

as you open to the stirrings within.

"Michele Tamaren places lovingly and reverently on the table extraordinary gifts of discernment and wisdom gleaned not only from her own Jewish roots but also from her first hand engagement with other major religious traditions. As founder of the harmony-building, multi-religious Council for Spiritual Connection, years of experience as a skilled teacher, spiritual director, and presenter, Michele has become a leader in the field of interspiritual dialogue. She has enriched my own life and that of the congregations I have served. I can't wait to see what she does next!"   

–Rev. Ruth Ragovin, Ph.D., Senior Minister of the First Christian Church, Murray, KY

"Michele Tamaren is a gift from God in my life. She exudes holy joy. To be with Michele is to be filled with hope and happiness through her contagious presence. One is reminded of the famous, comforting words of Julian of Norwich while with her, 'All will be well and all will be well and all manner of things will be well.'"  

–Jane Korins, M.T.S., Director of Pastoral Care, North Shore Medical Center, Salem, MA

"Michele's presentations are AWEsome! She weaves humor, compassion, and personal experience with science-based research to guide you on your inner journey to wholeness. Michele is a magical storyteller with deep wisdom and inner knowing that shines through all of her lectures."  

–Dorothy Lucci, M.Ed., Director, Massachusetts General Hospital, Aspire


Contact Michele for presentations on her book,  positive psychology, healing, happiness, women's workshops, as well as compassionate care-giving and spiritual growth, during illness and the end of life.