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Positive Psychology

What works? Positive Psychology, the research-based science of happiness and well-being, explores our fervent life questions:

How can I be happier and healthier?   Why am I here?   What is my best life?

Michele received her Certificate in Positive Psychology in 2014 through the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Stockbridge, MA under the direction of Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D. and the Wholebeing Institute.

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Positive Psychology, through meticulously designed and replicated studies in the areas of neuroscience, immunology, endocrinology, and psychology, examines the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of happiness and well-being.

Brain scans, bio-chemical markers, psychological testing, and peer-reviewed studies uncover the perceptions, choices, and activities of individuals, groups and organizations that flourish. 

These people and entities are fueled by grounded optimism, resilience, creativity, and compassion: energies that enhance the love, the joy, and the generosity shared and received.

Rather than focusing on what does not work in our lives, searching for the causes and treatment of illness and imbalance, Positive Psychology maps gentle, manageable, and effective steps to strengthen our bodies, minds, spirits, relationships, and careers.

As our minds and bodies relax, our nervous systems quiet and our immune and endocrine functions get a boost. We begin to feel more alive, calmer, healthier, and happier.

These are not New Age Musings. The science of Positive Psychology helps point the way to vitality, to peace, and to possibility on the path to wholeness.

The physician, psychologist, and philosopher, Dr. William James declared, Truth is What Works. Positive Psychology Works!