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Endorsements for ExtraOrdinary : An End of Life Story Without End

"ExtraOrdinary invites us to explore that which is true and enduring, even beyond our last breath. The spiritual memoir of Herman and Betty Liss, knit with grace and skill, humor and compassion, bridges generations and cultures and faiths. It cuts through darkness and despair with a laser-sharp beam of hope and healing, dancing us into our own hearts, making love real."

–Joan Borysenko, PhD., Bestselling Author, Scientist, Psychologist and Pioneer in the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

"A beautifully written story about the incomparable Herman Liss, told by the daughter who adored him for 30 years and the young boy who knew him for only one.  Through their words they shine a brilliant light on a remarkable man whom every reader will wish they, too, could have met. I only wish I had this book in my hands as I was caring for my own mother."

–Phyllis Karas, New York Times bestselling author of "The Onassis Women" and "Where's Whitey?"

"In a world where our Western Elders have forfeited their own wisdom, here is a book that calls them back, that tells them the road is possible, Even greater, it denies nothing of their struggle, but uses that as the way and the giver of blessing."

–Megan Don, Award-winning author of "Meditations with Teresa of Avila: A Journey into the Sacred"

A must read! ExtraOrdinary: An End of Life Story Without End is at once unique and universal. With brilliance and depth, Michele Tamaren and Michael Wittner write of love, loss and the enduring human spirit. This is a book that enters your heart and touches your soul.”

–Ellen Frankel, Author of "Syd Arthur" and "Beyond Measure"

"ExtraOrdinary is a page-turner! Although I never met Herman Liss, I feel I now know him and am inspired by his modesty, goodness, and ability to delight in life, even at its most difficult. Written with clarity and insight, this book is itself a delight."

–Rabbi Elie Kaplan Spitz, author of "Does the Soul Survive? A Jewish Journey to Belief in Afterlife", "Past Lives and Living With Purpose", "Healing From Despair: Choosing Wholeness in a Broken World"

This is a true-life tale of transformation. In the pages of ExtraOrdinary you will enter into a sacred space where illusory divisions dissolve and the lines between this world and the next are thin. Through tears and laughter you will marvel at the love shared in a nursing home that became a house of healing for one special resident and all those he touched.”

–Rev. Dr. Ruth Ragovin, Senior Minister, First Christian Church, Murray, KY