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05 January 2015
Seeing the Light
Sparks in the Dark

There is no valley so deep and dark but a path leads up from it to the light.

Helen Keller

Same sky: Partly sunny or partly cloudy? It depends on our lens. Why are some of us drawn to the light beyond the clouds while others primarily perceive the shade? Positive Psychology, the research-based science of happiness and well-being, explores this question though meticulously designed and replicated studies in the areas of neuroscience, immunology, endocrinology, and psychology. Dr. Martin Seligman, founder of Positive Psychology, along with fellow researchers, examine the attributes, attitudes, and actions of those attuned to the light, even though their lives may be blanketed by storm clouds. (www.authentichappiness.com) What can we learn from the individuals, groups and organizations that flourish? Which perspectives, choices, and activities open us to greater physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being?

Rather than focusing on what does not work in our lives, searching for the causes and treatment of illness and imbalance, Positive Psychology maps gentle, manageable, and effective steps to strengthen our bodies, minds, spirits, relationships, and careers. As our minds and bodies relax, our nervous systems quiet and our immune and endocrine functions get a boost. We begin to feel more alive, calmer, healthier, and happier.

Can we capture happiness, hold it, consistently bask in unwavering light? Can we be perpetually pleased? No more than we can beckon a butterfly to light and live on our shoulder. To be fully human means to embrace and honor the full range of our authentic emotions. Yet, we can choose not to act on the negative feelings in a fashion detrimental to ourselves or to others. How can our hurt and disappointment spur us to learn and grow, perhaps forgive? How might fear or fury propel us to a place of greater peace within ourselves?

Positive Psychology has discovered that happier people, even in the midst of disappointment, loss, and darkness, ultimately find a path back to balance and equanimity, perhaps to joy. The science of Positive Psychology has uncovered a thrilling truth: We can change our minds, to change our brains, to change our lives, for good!

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