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17 December 2014
What is Happiness?
Where is My Delight?

Happiness! Oh, how we crave it, contemplate it, pursue it, discuss it, ache for it. But what is happiness? Who is happy? Where can I find it? What will it cost? Is happiness real or merely an illusion: actual or a momentary flight?

Dr. Martin Seligman, pioneer in the field of Positive Psychology, explains in his groundbreaking book, Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being that happiness is an artful blend of pleasure and meaning: a grace-filled dance in rhythm with our heart’s call.

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15 December 2014
Your New Life!
Give Birth to Yourself!

To Life! What does it mean to live; to live your fullest expression of yourself; to shine your unique light? What will your life be like when you give birth to your authentic self? How can you remember Who you are and Why you are here? Imagine discovering Where you are going and How to get there.

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